bea (flypaw) wrote,

Thank you ~♥

Just like to say a massive thank you to:
talekayler, sorrylatenew, rufflefeather, waltzing_mice, akiru_chan, eliteassassin, mightypretty, wldcatsprstr_14, rotrude, wolfangeldeath, pen_rabbit, hobnailedboots, misaki_kaitoand nachtefor the hearts!

It's a little late due to yet another busy week at work (managed to work an 18 hour day on friday/saturday which I'd really not like to repeat at that level of stress...) and predicting another busy one this week as we storm through paperwork. 

One thing I will say is that I already have enviropony and loveandthetruth for the beta/cheerleading section of my paperlegends team. Thank you to both of them! Good luck to everyone else doing paperlegends this year too, everything's starting to get very exciting once again!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ♥
Tags: fandom: merlin, life
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