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I decided to take January off as an unofficial hiatus, mainly due to work. Things are always crazy (pharma companies are, but we're small and there's tonnes of work when you're in our position), but they just got crazier - a good kind though (meaning lots of money, which we like). Also sent my university application in, hopefully will be on a course I enjoy more this time! You don't know until you try and I did gain some things studying midwifery... but it just wasn't for me! Waiting to hear back now, which is the hardest bit, consisting of checking emails daily and wincing every time I get a new email, wondering if it'll be The One.

Thank you to everyone who offered me advice on writing woes back in December! I really appreciated it and you all helped me so much. Also thank you to everyone who sent cards, they were all gorgeous! 

I think I'm dedicated February to close up a few stories (grovelling to hobnailedbootshere - I haven't abandoned the story I promise! I'm just crap at keeping to my own deadlines!). Also signed up to paperlegendsagain which I am very excited about! Can't wait to finally work on the polo!fic I've been thinking of for about a year now.

and if anyone wants to know, the quails are good! one unfortunately died, but arthur and lancelot are going strong and now living with the other three outside :)

Have a good week & weekend!

Tags: fandom: merlin, life
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